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Self Esteem, Christine Breeze says stop Self-Abuse

June 29, 2009

Many have self worth, self esteem issues, find it difficult to overcome depression and achieve happiness. Self help and self improvement can be done to build happiness and improve on low self worth, low self esteem and love the self again.    – Christine Breese

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The Day the Dollar Falls (Roel van Broekhoven, Backlight 2005)

March 13, 2009

A Commodity Called Misery By Joe Bageant

February 20, 2009

I used to think it was just some melancholic germ of my own that made me see a slowly increasing American alienation, anxiety and inner sadness over the span of my 62 years. Now however, I’m pretty convinced there is a national pathology at work, one which author Arthur Barsky called the “pathology of American normalcy.” Sounds accurate to me. In fact, this psychic poverty has been around so long it has become something of a norm. Despite that we have not resorted to cannibalism, single payer health care, or god forbid, socialism, we long ago passed into the realm of what we like to call an “unhealthy society.” Might not America’s psychological malaise be the result of knowing deep inside that life can hold more meaning — be more joyful? More emotionally rewarding and fulfilling?  In a word, healthier?

Patience with the Dark Night of the Soul

December 27, 2008

Christine Breese: “The dark night of the soul, darkness spiritual depression, is time to surrender to grace, stop the search, time of disillusionment with lost God, no control. On cusp of spiritual grace enlightenment! When dark night of the soul is here, the darkness of spiritual depression gives up control, ready to surrender to grace, stop search. Dark night of the soul is spiritual disillusionment, no control over having lost God, no feeling of grace, but surrender to the darkness of being lost to God is grace sought in the search. Stop search, stop disillusionment, surrender to grace, darkness of spiritual depression lifts, dark night of the soul is over, darkness turns to grace, disillusionment gone, dark night of the soul has dawn. Fear of lost God, no control ends in surrender to grace. Dark night soul over.”


Gold can protect Individuals and Countries.

October 17, 2008

In the inflationary depression which looks like it could be on the horizon,

financial analyst Max Kaiser suggests Gold is what can protect us.