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The Obama Deception

March 25, 2009

Who are the deciders of world affairs, politics, and social catastrophies?


March 25, 2009

Martin Luther King

January 20, 2009

Obama and American Oz, the land of weath behind the curtain

January 20, 2009



By Vi Ransel


(A Chicago story… A citizen walks into his alderman’s office looking for a job. “Who sent you?” a staffer asks. “Nobody” he replies. Says the staffer, “We don’t want nobody nobody sent.” Who sent Obama? In exactly four years he’s risen from an unknown state senator to president. That only happens when somebody sends for you. – Sam Smith)

The nature of his administration was evident
as he introduced his transition team and potential members of his cabinet.

The individuals selected are fixtures of the economic aristocracy
and the Washington Consensus establishment.

His Transitional Economic Advisory Board consists entirely
of members and representatives of the economic stratosphere –
CEOs, investment bankers, former SEC and Federal Reserve Chairs,
Clinton re-treads, DLC members, lobbyists, slumlords and billionaires.

In particular, the personnel of his economic transition team
and those considered as presidential cabinet appointees
contradict his campaign rhetoric about changing politics
by building a ground-up movement of the American people.

There is not one representative of the unemployed, unions or workers,
consumers or home owners facing foreclosure,
no representative from the NAACP or NOW or those
without the means to keep warm or get healthcare.

He makes not even the pretense of consulting anyone
who represents the American majority
who will be directly affected by his economic policies.
And as a demonstration of his highest priority,
his first post-electoral meeting was with this team made up entirely
of representatives of the Ultra Wealthy class
to shore up the fortunes of their friends at the banks.

His actions since the election are meant to send a message
to Wall St and the Ultra Wealthy that he stands ready to defend
their social interests and personal wealth not only in the U.S.
but abroad via military violence, all at tax payer expense,
clashing with the mandate given him by the American electorate
to reverse neoconservative and Republican politics.

Barack Obama and his transition team are setting the stage
for business as usual, underscoring
the widening gap between the hopes and aspirations
of America’s hopeful majority
and those of the DLC and the Democratic Party’s
praetorian Upper Class Warriors.

He was invented just a few short years ago in anticipation
of foreclosures, job loss, lack of healthcare, inflation,
disappearing retirement accounts, utility shutoffs,
and reactions to decaying infrastructure and education.

They needed to put a new face on the same old agenda
while continuing the American Class War
by a simple repainting of the existing deck chairs
on the luxury liner, United States of America,

and rolling out a tantalizing symbol of change
from behind which Rich White Men continue to rule,
as we slide, here in American Oz,
into the iceberg of their arrogant hubris.


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This Day of Reckoning, by Michael C. Ruppert

January 11, 2009


— Obama’s Speech on the Economy and Signals of What’s Coming
— Economic Collapse Accelerating
— Leon Panetta as DCI Scares Me to Death
— Is the Economic Collapse a Controlled Global Demolition?
— Mike Ruppert Videos on Sale Again At FTW Site

by Michael C. Ruppert

Jan 9, 2009 – It’s not possible yet for any world leader to tell people that the collapse of industrialized civilization is coming but it appears as though the Obama administration is preparing to say it… at least from what we can see. (It’s going to become obvious soon enough.) What is not known are what secret plans are being made and what contingencies are being prepared for. There are some clues.