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Raw Foods Can Help Heal Diabetes

June 10, 2009

A Promo Video for the film,

“Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.”


Dr. Scott Graham on Greenlip Mussel Oil, Omega 3, Antioxidants, EPA DHA

April 16, 2009

Dr. Scott Graham member of MOXXORs Medical Advisory Board speaks about MOXXORs incredible benefits that sometimes allow people to reduce their use of prescription drugs.

Healing with Watsu -Bodywork in Water

April 15, 2009

I have personally experienced a watsu session, and I can vouch for the incredible physical and emotional benefits. I can honestly say it was the most relaxing bodywork I ever experienced. Most incredibly, it brought me back to sensations of total safety and freedom. One of the most healing experiences of my life.

Permatopia – Caring for the Planet

April 3, 2009 – highlights solutions to the interconnected crises of Peak Oil, Climate Change and ecocide.

Moxxor: Would you like more Health and more Wealth?

January 26, 2009

Psychologist Dr. Tim Healey, infant and child development specialist,  discusses the Health Benefits of Moxxor, especially for children, for enhanced brain function, mental health, and wellness.

Dr. Tim Healey



What exactly is Moxxor? Read the scientific information here.

More scientific information about Moxxor

Moxxor is more of a Wellness company, with a groundbreaking new product than a multi-level marketing company. There is no ¨Rah Rah¨necessary. The product screams QUALITY and HEALTH so the distributors have a very easy sell.

A discussion about the international scope of this start-up, wellness company, and how you can build an international business for long-term residual income.

Moxxor Business Opportunity

. (Part of the Natural News Moxxor Team, Under Mike Adams)

JGrace is one of the first 50 distributors who became part of Moxxor and has a successful team of more than fifty distributors. Within three months she made her initial investment back and is earning between $100-400 dollars a week, on a part time basis, and this is just the beginning.  This is the real deal. No BS.  It only costs $150. to become a distributor or $60 to try the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory and potent omega-3.  You deserve to try this and see how much better you can feel.  No risk.  Moxxor gives a money-back guarantee.  Health to you, and blessings in 2009.

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Beauty Through Mineralization – with David Wolfe

January 24, 2009

by David Wolfe

Few people know this and fewer still will teach you that
the foundation of your health resides in minerals. This
information is so vital to your health, longevity, physical
well-being and joy that I have dedicated my new year to
getting this information into your hands and the hands of
millions more.

I’m so passionate about mineralization and its benefits
that I’d like to give you my $297.95 course, “Beauty Through
Mineralization” as a special holiday gift. NO CHARGE.

Moxxor – The Time to Join Is Now!

January 3, 2009

Welcome to the Natural News Moxxor Team, and Casa Poema Moxxor Mentors.

Thank You for deciding to invest in your nutritional and financial well-being.

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When you enroll just put “no thank you” under the 3 packs, and then press yes for autoship. The total you will pay will be $50 membership fee, and $108. for the two bottles of Moxxor they will ship to you.

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Mark Brown