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The Source of Love

May 24, 2009

How to be the source of unconditional love. “To get love from a loving being source, you must be the love that you are looking for and seeking. The love is in you! To be unconditional love is to be the source of love, rather than looking to another being to get love. Looking for love in a source outside yourself is not being the unconditional love source yourself. Being the source of unconditional love is to the source of love for others who are looking for a loving being. Be the love that you seek by looking for unconditional love outside yourself no more. Looking for love inside yourself is the place you will find the unconditional loving being you were looking for in love.” Christine Breese

The hidden spirituality of men

May 15, 2009

The spiritual lives of men are, for many, concealed, repressed or forgotten. In an exclusive extract from his new book, Matthew Fox argues that men can rediscover their true selves by embracing the role of noble warrior.

The confusion of warrior and soldier feeds unhealthy relationships, with God, self and society. It feeds empire-building, and the builders of empire would like nothing more than to enlist young men who believe soldiering equals warriorhood. We can’t afford this ignorance any longer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine

It takes just-a-minute to transform your world

November 27, 2008

What is a Wayshower?

September 25, 2008

Listen to the music as you pour out your spirit. It is a call to each of us to remember and return to find the enlightenment. It is acceptable to be in perfect peace, abundance and health, wisdom and wealth.

Wayshowers share. By sharing, everything grows, and grows greater and greater expanding through the dimensions. The first move is to communicate your message and find one soul who listens, understands and seeks with you the opportunity you call forth from out of your spirit.

As Wayshowers your next move is to walk through the darkness and to step forth into the realm of space and time and matter and to awake those followers who hide in the shadows, to see beyond the masters of the Black Alliance and awake to the power of the mind guided by the heart of light and love.

With the ownership of your light beats the rhythm of emotion guiding the harmony of humanity’s purpose. The time of the black alliance is finished. They are not empowered with any energy. The domination of the strong over the weaker has no meaning. It is forgotten pain, where there is forgiveness now of this mistaken identification with polarity. Their time has passed and now the powerful are the fallen. Forgive them for they are lost and hopeless in their quest for greatness. They have no place to hide except in their misery for a lost dream of nothingness.

Be in the happiness of a new soul born with the freedom to play and find the jewels of your own nature. Live in the peace and joy of the natural world which was created in the heart of a loving mother and recreated in your appreciation. There is nothing so great and blissful than the appearance of love and beauty within the heart of the human soul. For here is the meaning of that which is pure and that which is of aspiration and the glow of being

The Great Illusion – Enter another Reality: of Art, Poetry, Wisdom, Spirituality

September 4, 2008

You have been invited here

to experience another reality.

written & designed by Victor Kahn