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The Beauty, Movement and Rhythm of Poi Spinning

June 8, 2009

Poi Spinning with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams.

Music “I LOVE YOU” by Omnimoon

Better than fish oil?

April 25, 2009

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of

The safe, natural way to ease inflammation

Moxxor is a concentrated superfood supplement made primarily from the extract of green-lipped mussels grown in aquaculture farms near the coast of New Zealand. It has been eaten for hundreds of years by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand who are well known to exhibit a very low incidence of arthritis symptoms such as pain or joint swelling.

If you suffer from pain, swelling or other symptoms commonly associated with arthritis, you may benefit from taking Moxxor**.

In a clinical trial conducted at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, UK, preparations of green-lipped mussel extract were shown to benefit 76 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients and 70 percent of osteoarthritic patients(10).

Here’s what Moxxor users have to say about it

“I have been struggling with hip bursitis for over two years. The pain was so bad that it would even wake me up in the night. Since the ibuprofen did not seem to help, my doctor said the next step would be steroid injections. After taking Moxxor for three weeks I am pain free! I have also noticed an immense improvement with my concentration and overall skin health. The product is amazing beyond words!” – Eric, UPS driver, Michigan

“The pain is completely gone!

“For the past two years I’ve had pain in both my elbows and left rotator cuff. (Due to old injuries) The pain in my shoulder was severe. I’ve tried many different health formulas that were guaranteed to work, nothing helped. I was skeptical when I read about Moxxor on, but I know Mike Adams does a thorough investigation before the product is introduced to his readers so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using Moxxor for almost a month the pain in my elbows is completely gone and my shoulder is at least 90% improved. Moxxor truly is a remarkable product.” – Darla Tatman, Founder of, Indiana

“Decreased pain and increased energy”

“The first day I took Moxxor, I noticed less pain and more energy. In less than two weeks, I was able to walk my dog for over an hour, when before I could barely make it 15 minutes. One evening, I twisted my wrist. I planned to go the next morning to get a wrist brace. After taking my Moxxor the next morning, I noticed that the pain had disappeared, so I didn’t need a brace. I have continued to have decreasing pain and increased energy while taking Moxxor.” – Pam Dibbern in Houston, Texas

“Sleep has improved greatly!”

“After taking Moxxor for three days I notice a big difference, I’m real clear headed, I just full so much lighter and my overall wellbeing has improved greatly. I’m able to absorb the data from books and other reading materials. At work it’s easier to resolve solutions to different problems, come up with better ideas. I feel my over all brain function has improved greatly. My sleep has improved greatly; I sleep much sounder and I’m able to wake up more refreshed. My, hair and skin is much healthier and seems to glow. My wife has had pain in her side and after a week of taking Moxxor, the pain is completely gone. ” – John, Cambridge Maryland

“No longer sore from hours of digging!”

“In my spare time I dig and mine gemstones, crystals and minerals in the mountains of Maine. One way that I find crystals is by driving an hour and a half into the mountains, hiking for two hours up a mountain with a bunch of digging tools, dig like a machine for hours on end, hike back down the mountain with a backpack full of Amethyst, and my tools, then drive home for another hour and a half. Needless to say, by the end of the day I have incurred some serious inflammation. Doing this before taking Moxor would leave me sore for at least 2-3 days. Now that I take this product, I do not even get sore and can in fact go multiple days in a row with nothing but positive side effects! ” – Seth Leaf, CEO and Owner of Living Nutz Living Organic Foods

“Pain in my back was gone!”

“I have had ongoing back pain for the last 6 or more years due to sitting many hours at work. The last year or so the pain has gotten really unbearable. My sciatic nerve was affected and I could not sit at the computer or the desk to do my work, so I had to stand all day. Within about 4 days after starting on Moxxor I noticed the pain in my back was gone. I quit taking the Moxxor to see if the pain would return, which it did, so I started taking Moxxor again and the pain subsided totally. I took Moxxor for about a month and then quit to see if the pain in my back would return. It did not return!! Since that time I take Moxxor 3 times a day and I have been completely pain free and feel great! I cannot believe that this product is so awesome.” Deb Batty

Keeps up with the kids’ marching band!

“I have been using Moxxor for about 3 weeks. I have good results, if not superior results, to report in pain and swelling abatement. I’m a 62 year old music teacher. I am required to teach general and instrumental music, lead the 4-8th grade band and march with them in the annual Christmas parade. Some days have been an absolute nightmare, trying to keep up with my K-3 music kids and my band and my private students. My job, my ability as a musician and my self respect all hinge on being physically functional. Recently, the parents started seeing a difference in me. Lately, the parents are calling me to find out what I am on, that has enabled me to be so active with the children. ” – Jo Ellard

Pain free after cancer treatment

” I am currently working with a 78 year old woman with metastasized stage 4 cancer of the bone.  Her progress has been very good but she has been suffering a lot of pain in spite of everything that we’ve tried. I placed her on 10 (that’s right…ten) MOXXOR capsules per day divided into two doses with meals. For the first time in almost 18 months, she is now COMPLETELY pain-free! We went for a walk today. She’s crying for joy. So am I. Thanks. And please thank the guys at Moxxor for us both.” – Jim (requested name anonymity due to medical practice)

Who may potentially benefit from Moxxor?

• Athletes and active individuals
• Elderly patients currently experiencing inflammation
• Adults wishing to enhance their omega-3 nutrition
• Expectant mothers looking for a mercury-free source of omega-3s
• Individuals wishing to support their heart health
• Anyone suffering from the signs of omega-3 deficiency

Moxxor is an excellent source of high-potency marine omega-3 fatty acids, and it may exhibit beneficial support for neurological health, heart health, healthy moods, skin health and many other areas of human biology.

Could Moxxor work for you?  Try it!  Moxxor comes with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may buy Moxxor online at $60 per bottle or use the preferred customer link and pay $50. 

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I Want My Bailout Money – Hip Hop Revolution Song

January 10, 2009

The Network Marketing Revolution: Why Emerging Direct Sales Companies are Redefining the Industry

January 3, 2009

Thursday, October 16, 2008 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor

see the whole article at

¨As you’ll see here, this new wave of network marketing companies shatters the myths commonly associated with old-school direct sales. Even more interestingly, the social implications of these new companies are nothing less than groundbreaking. I’ll explain why as we explore their influence on issues like corporations vs. the People, the decentralization of power, the “anti-Wal-Mart effect,” the future of money and even the mainstream acceptance of natural health products.¨

In a direct sales model, the advertisers, distributors, transportation companies and retailers are all eliminated!

They are replaced with a human network of individuals who serve those same functions: Advertising, distributing, retailing, enrolling, etc. Just like in the above example, retail sales that occur in this network generate commissions for the people who brought you the product. Except that in the case of network marketing, it’s really the People — a network of individuals — rather than a handful of corporations who earn the commissions.

In essence, then: The direct sales model is a more Democratic, decentralized model of product distribution that distributes economic benefits to the People rather than concentrating them in the hands of a few corporations

For many people, the presumed reliability of a steady paycheck from a “solid” institution is suddenly being revealed as illusion. Reliable income, more people are realizing, does not come from a paycheck that can be taken away from you at any time; it comes from owning and controlling your own income, using independent sources. In this way, Direct Sales organizations are vastly superior to almost any job, unless you happen to hold a key position (board member, for example) of the corporation providing your paycheck.

Even then, your paycheck in traditional jobs is almost always limited by unfair considerations: Your race, skin color, speaking style, sexual orientation, marriage status, parental status, education, background, religion, etc. While job discrimination based on these criteria are illegal, anyone reading this who identifies with one of these probably has dozens of stories about how they were discriminated against in a job interview or job termination.

In Direct Sales, nobody can keep you chained to poverty, and nobody can fire you (for any reason!). Your income is entirely up to you, and once you build it, it’s yours to keep, month after month, year after year. You OWN the income stream, and it cannot be suddenly taken away from you.

That’s real financial security. It’s also one of the reasons many people are now joining more than one network marketing company at the same time: They are achieving income diversity by representing TWO companies offering products or services they feel aligned with. By doing so, they are creating double income streams that they own and control.

Furthermore, these income streams will survive any potential future currency switchover. If the U.S. dollar inflates to the point that it is someday abandoned by world banks, commercial transactions will simply continue in whatever new currency is introduced. Consumers still need health products, of course, and a network marketing distribution system will survive a currency collapse that might bring down a bank or even a government.¨
Compared to traditional retail distribution, the Direct Sales model makes everybody a winner: The consumer benefits from access to the unique product line, the distributor earns an income by introducing people to the product, and society benefits as a whole by eliminating the waste overhead of competing retail operations (inventory, advertising, etc.). There are no losers in this equation.¨

Exercise Shown to Help Prevent Cancer

December 28, 2008

Exercise Shown to Help Prevent Cancer

By Mike Adams


A growing body of research suggests that regular exercise can help prevent cancer, as well as slow its progress, improve recovery and prevent recurrence of the disease.

Researchers believe that regular exercise equivalent to a 30-minute walk five times per week can influence several cancer risk factors. For example, the sugar-regulating hormone insulin is known to lead to faster cell growth and division and to increase women’s risk of breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence. Exercise, however, lowers levels of this hormone.

Exercise also lowers blood levels of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, both of which have been linked to cancers of the breast, prostate and uterine lining (endometrial cancer). Exercise also helps burn fat, which can store excess quantities of estrogen. By reducing obesity, exercise also reduces the risk of many cancers.

Studies have shown that exercise also improves the outlook for those who are already being treated for cancer. Women treated for breast cancer are less likely to suffer recurrence if they weigh less, for example, while prostate cancer patients who exercise vigorously for three hours per week are more likely to survive the disease.

Exercise is also known to help repair the immune system’s T-cells, which can be damaged by chemotherapy. This helps speed recovery from a very taxing form of treatment.

Many doctors are now recommending exercise as a part of cancer therapy.

“Evidence strongly suggests that exercise is not only safe and feasible during cancer treatment, but that it can also improve physical functioning and some aspects of quality of life,” the American Cancer Society says.

Some researchers say that as the medical establishment becomes more aware of the benefits of exercise to cancer patients, its use as a treatment will grow.

“We’re where cardiac rehab was 20 years ago,” said Melinda Irwin of Yale University School of Medicine. Within a few years, Irwin said, exercise will be a “targeted therapy, similar to chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.”

Sources for this story include:

Why more people are ditching their MDs and switching to Naturopathic Physicians

November 23, 2008

by Mike Adams

The first and most obvious difference between naturopathic physicians and classically-trained western doctors is that western doctors are primarily experts in disease, whereas naturopathic physicians are experts in health and wellness. So if you want to go to someone who knows everything that there is to know about disease and disease symptoms, it’s an excellent idea to go visit a conventionally-trained physician. However, if you are interested in knowing how to be healthy and you want to be given a plan that will assist you in your own efforts to become healthy, you need to visit someone who understands the causes of health. Western doctors understand the causes of disease; naturopathic doctors understand the causes of health.

Another important reason to visit naturopathic physicians is because at the office of your N.D., you will be presented with a far wider range of options when it comes to correcting dysfunctions or overcoming diseases or disorders. A western doctor is typically quite limited both in the amount of time she can spend with you and the advice she might offer you. Western medicine is typically limited to prescribing pharmaceuticals, recommending surgical procedures or handing out timid lifestyle advice such as “eat three balances meals a day” — advice that’s virtually meaningless advice in the world of nutrition.

In contrast, a naturopathic physician will have at his or her disposal a wide variety of treatments and modalities that can help your condition. They might recommend homeopathic remedies, cranial-sacral work, body work, massage therapy, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, nutritional therapy, exercise programs, body strengthening through yoga or Pilates, flexibility training, or even elements from the world of vibrational medicine. So the naturopathic physician has a much larger toolbox, so to speak, from which to choose appropriate therapies and modalities that can offer you the greatest help. For that reason alone, visiting a naturopathic physician is well worth the effort it takes to find one.

But there’s another extremely important reason to visit a naturopathic physician instead of an M.D.: Naturopathic physicians have a very different paradigm when it comes to the doctor-patient relationship and the fundamental causes of healing. In naturopathy, it is widely recognized that the patient is the healer, not the physician. Naturopathy has respect for the human body and its innate healing abilities. It seeks to assist the natural healing wisdom of the human body through natural approaches that never attempt to overtake or compromise the body’s own healing systems.

Western medicine, on the other hand, has a very different mindset. Western medicine believes that the patient is not in charge; rather, it is the doctor who in control of any healing that takes place. Western medicine attempts to take over the chemistry of the body and override the body’s natural balance. For example, the use of chemotherapy attempts to override and even destroy the body’s immune system as an acceptable side effect of attacking cancerous tumors throughout the body. Likewise, prescription drugs such as antidepressants attempt to interfere with and override normal healthy brain chemistry in an effort to create a desired outcome.

These are the paradigms of western medicine. They are, as you can quite readily tell, rather egoistic and arrogant. They believe that man is smarter than nature and that if we can override nature, we can somehow arrive at a greater state of health. But this is now widely recognized as being false. The true pathway to health is not achieved by overriding the body’s natural healing systems or trying to take control of the body. Helping a patient get healthy requires respecting the body’s innate healing ability and strengthening the body’s immune system. It requires respecting the patient as an individual with a body, a mind and a unique spirit. It also requires looking at the big picture of the patient: what else is happening in their life? Are there emotional or energetic influences that may be affecting their physical and biochemical health? Are there postural patterns that would indicate underlying disorders?

Naturopathic physicians will also spend a great deal of time with patients exploring their current lifestyle and diet. They may even ask about your relationships, your life history or any stresses that are currently impacting your life. Western doctors, in contrast, don’t usually ask these questions. They’re not really interested in what you’ve eaten because most of them don’t believe that food has any measurable impact on health — a thought that is so rigid and outmoded that it can only be described as prehistoric.

Western doctors believe in the locality of disease. If your back hurts, they believe there is something physically or structurally wrong with your back. If your sinuses are congested, they think there’s something wrong with your sinuses. But a naturopathic physician believes in a holistic approach — that all disease and all health is systemic. Back pain may be due to chronic dehydration. Sinus congestion may be due to dietary influences, such as the frequent consumption of cow’s milk or dairy products. Any pattern of symptoms or disease may have a number of influencing factors that are not necessarily local. And only a naturopathic physician can put together the pieces of the puzzle and arrive at a big-picture solution that can help you get well.

These are some of the many reasons why I strongly recommend ditching your M.D. and seeking out an N.D. You will receive far better care. You will get far more time with your physician. And, if you’re like most patients, you will get healthier faster and with greater knowledge of the underlying causes of health than if you were to visit a western medical doctor.

Even though there are a few medical doctors (typically the younger ones) who are educating themselves about alternative and complementary therapies, the vast majority of older M.D.s continues to live in the dark ages of medicine. They are unwilling and apparently unable to learn anything new about the underlying causes of health and wellness. And should you put yourself under their care, you are short-changing yourself in a way that could be potentially very damaging to your health. Remember, the 100,000+ Americans who are killed each year by prescription drugs are actually prescribed those drugs by M.D.s.

Nearly 50 Percent of U.S. Physicians Plan to Quit

November 22, 2008

60 percent warn others away from career in medicine.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Conventional medicine is so maddeningly bureaucratic and senseless that an astounding 60 percent of U.S. general practitioners are warning others away from a career in medicine. Nearly half of those

doctors currently in practice plan to quit medicine entirely, leaving the U.S. woefully short on doctors, especially given the strong pro-disease push by the FDA and AMA that has led the nation into a pandemic of degenerative disease.

This is perhaps the first major sign of the coming self-destruction of conventional medicine. Without the doctors, the system collapses. It’s heading that way anyway: Health care costs are poised to bankrupt the nation, and with the FDA and AMA continuing to suppress true information about natural cures that really work, things will only get worse until the whole system collapses in financial and medical ruin.