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Success Ultra Now – how to Balance Yourself in hard times

January 6, 2009

Nick Good is one of the most inspiring mentors/guides/coach on this beautiful planet.  His success ultra now program inspires me (JGrace) to flourish. Highly recommended personal development resource.

Nick Good of Success Ultra Now Walks barefoot over broken glass with a 250 pound man on his back as a testament of the power of peace. Peace equals power. As we discover the power of peace we are able to perform incredible feats.

Russell Means – update on the Republic of Lakotah

December 18, 2008

Russell shares his vision for the second year of the Republic of Lakotah. He invites us to join in finishing the TREATY School and other construction projects this summer.

Naked Women for Peace

September 23, 2008

Laura Nyro – Save the Country

September 22, 2008

Things don´t make sense anymore?

September 2, 2008

The time has come to let go of fear and understand that honesty is to be the hallmark of success. Honesty is honor and by that you are judged and you are judged by yourself. You may have been at fault or committed an error, but you can be forgiven when you have honor. Liars have no honor because they continue to evade the truth. As a sovereign individual you are an independent soul who can perform a natural contract with others. This world is founded upon truth and that truth has been given to each of us from the age preceding.

The Vision of A Utopian Life that is Possible to Awaken Towards

September 1, 2008

In the formula of sovereign ownership is the ability to accept, to know the truth and to be one with the will of the greater good. With the ownership of your life beats the rhythm of emotion guiding the harmony of humanity’s purpose.

The spiritual oneness of the planet centers the wholeness of each person, each life, each communication, each transaction and each idea for the betterment of the civilization of the world. The plan of transformation is for all to know and to follow.