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The Elitist´s Power is Waning

September 7, 2008
For you, reality is shaped day and night by thought yet you are not alone in the galaxy and your thoughts may have been in separation and kept from the greater universe but it is now a time where your evolution will change and your mind and your body are being prepared and upgraded through the efforts of beings of Higher Intelligence.
There are Divine forces and powers that have the intent of the greater good and in this knowing you are walking with the Angels and the Teachers of Light. The change will cascade into fullness and manifestation on every level until the world rises up. There will be an absolute total rearrangement of the world which follows the prevalent thoughts of the kindred. No longer will humanity be caught by the elitists view with power over others. Their power is waning

Seek out the other Sovereign Individuals

September 5, 2008

The survival for the race depends upon the community of sovereigns. The world has fallen from the grace of peace. Not from natural disaster was the fall from peace. The change was brought upon the world by the power of humans who acted as if they were greater Gods, but they are not.

Economic Enslavement by Debt & Stupidity – Choose Freedom

September 3, 2008

The Enslavement of Humanity by the Black Alliance. Conquest through force, belief and economics. Freedom through choice – There is a Black Alliance that has subverted this truth. There is also a great new energy bringing every Sovereign Individual into to the game to play and win with every move. Each player, both the agents for the Black Alliance and the Sovereigns understand this is the time of transformation. This game has been predestined and everyone must play some part, there can be no refusal to play. In playing you win with every move and you break through the barriers of fear, powerlessness and despair. If you don’t play and allow the Black Alliance to steal your moves you lose by defaulting your sovereign rights.

Things don´t make sense anymore?

September 2, 2008

The time has come to let go of fear and understand that honesty is to be the hallmark of success. Honesty is honor and by that you are judged and you are judged by yourself. You may have been at fault or committed an error, but you can be forgiven when you have honor. Liars have no honor because they continue to evade the truth. As a sovereign individual you are an independent soul who can perform a natural contract with others. This world is founded upon truth and that truth has been given to each of us from the age preceding.

The Vision of A Utopian Life that is Possible to Awaken Towards

September 1, 2008

In the formula of sovereign ownership is the ability to accept, to know the truth and to be one with the will of the greater good. With the ownership of your life beats the rhythm of emotion guiding the harmony of humanity’s purpose.

The spiritual oneness of the planet centers the wholeness of each person, each life, each communication, each transaction and each idea for the betterment of the civilization of the world. The plan of transformation is for all to know and to follow.

The world as we know it – the Evil Powers

August 26, 2008
The Game begins once the player sees the end of the game is scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the few over the rights of the many. The Game starts when there is a realization that the biggest lie and the biggest theft was the willing enslavement of each individual to a corruption beyond the scope of comprehension, the discovery that the power that is held by the elitist is based on the giving up of each individual’s sacred labors and the fruits thereof.
The simple formula is sovereign ownership of what you are and your divine heritage will initiate the key organizing principles which will bring to light that which is the magic and
the timing of the advent. It is close. If you listen to my words then you will see that you are growing in new ways and seeking to understand on new levels. The challenges to your body, your economic systems, your world of inter-relationships, all these things are a catharsis, a period of purification where you are releasing the repressed feelings, anxieties, fears and depression you have experienced within this dark realm.