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Better than fish oil?

April 25, 2009

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of

The safe, natural way to ease inflammation

Moxxor is a concentrated superfood supplement made primarily from the extract of green-lipped mussels grown in aquaculture farms near the coast of New Zealand. It has been eaten for hundreds of years by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand who are well known to exhibit a very low incidence of arthritis symptoms such as pain or joint swelling.

If you suffer from pain, swelling or other symptoms commonly associated with arthritis, you may benefit from taking Moxxor**.

In a clinical trial conducted at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, UK, preparations of green-lipped mussel extract were shown to benefit 76 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients and 70 percent of osteoarthritic patients(10).

Here’s what Moxxor users have to say about it

“I have been struggling with hip bursitis for over two years. The pain was so bad that it would even wake me up in the night. Since the ibuprofen did not seem to help, my doctor said the next step would be steroid injections. After taking Moxxor for three weeks I am pain free! I have also noticed an immense improvement with my concentration and overall skin health. The product is amazing beyond words!” – Eric, UPS driver, Michigan

“The pain is completely gone!

“For the past two years I’ve had pain in both my elbows and left rotator cuff. (Due to old injuries) The pain in my shoulder was severe. I’ve tried many different health formulas that were guaranteed to work, nothing helped. I was skeptical when I read about Moxxor on, but I know Mike Adams does a thorough investigation before the product is introduced to his readers so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using Moxxor for almost a month the pain in my elbows is completely gone and my shoulder is at least 90% improved. Moxxor truly is a remarkable product.” – Darla Tatman, Founder of, Indiana

“Decreased pain and increased energy”

“The first day I took Moxxor, I noticed less pain and more energy. In less than two weeks, I was able to walk my dog for over an hour, when before I could barely make it 15 minutes. One evening, I twisted my wrist. I planned to go the next morning to get a wrist brace. After taking my Moxxor the next morning, I noticed that the pain had disappeared, so I didn’t need a brace. I have continued to have decreasing pain and increased energy while taking Moxxor.” – Pam Dibbern in Houston, Texas

“Sleep has improved greatly!”

“After taking Moxxor for three days I notice a big difference, I’m real clear headed, I just full so much lighter and my overall wellbeing has improved greatly. I’m able to absorb the data from books and other reading materials. At work it’s easier to resolve solutions to different problems, come up with better ideas. I feel my over all brain function has improved greatly. My sleep has improved greatly; I sleep much sounder and I’m able to wake up more refreshed. My, hair and skin is much healthier and seems to glow. My wife has had pain in her side and after a week of taking Moxxor, the pain is completely gone. ” – John, Cambridge Maryland

“No longer sore from hours of digging!”

“In my spare time I dig and mine gemstones, crystals and minerals in the mountains of Maine. One way that I find crystals is by driving an hour and a half into the mountains, hiking for two hours up a mountain with a bunch of digging tools, dig like a machine for hours on end, hike back down the mountain with a backpack full of Amethyst, and my tools, then drive home for another hour and a half. Needless to say, by the end of the day I have incurred some serious inflammation. Doing this before taking Moxor would leave me sore for at least 2-3 days. Now that I take this product, I do not even get sore and can in fact go multiple days in a row with nothing but positive side effects! ” – Seth Leaf, CEO and Owner of Living Nutz Living Organic Foods

“Pain in my back was gone!”

“I have had ongoing back pain for the last 6 or more years due to sitting many hours at work. The last year or so the pain has gotten really unbearable. My sciatic nerve was affected and I could not sit at the computer or the desk to do my work, so I had to stand all day. Within about 4 days after starting on Moxxor I noticed the pain in my back was gone. I quit taking the Moxxor to see if the pain would return, which it did, so I started taking Moxxor again and the pain subsided totally. I took Moxxor for about a month and then quit to see if the pain in my back would return. It did not return!! Since that time I take Moxxor 3 times a day and I have been completely pain free and feel great! I cannot believe that this product is so awesome.” Deb Batty

Keeps up with the kids’ marching band!

“I have been using Moxxor for about 3 weeks. I have good results, if not superior results, to report in pain and swelling abatement. I’m a 62 year old music teacher. I am required to teach general and instrumental music, lead the 4-8th grade band and march with them in the annual Christmas parade. Some days have been an absolute nightmare, trying to keep up with my K-3 music kids and my band and my private students. My job, my ability as a musician and my self respect all hinge on being physically functional. Recently, the parents started seeing a difference in me. Lately, the parents are calling me to find out what I am on, that has enabled me to be so active with the children. ” – Jo Ellard

Pain free after cancer treatment

” I am currently working with a 78 year old woman with metastasized stage 4 cancer of the bone.  Her progress has been very good but she has been suffering a lot of pain in spite of everything that we’ve tried. I placed her on 10 (that’s right…ten) MOXXOR capsules per day divided into two doses with meals. For the first time in almost 18 months, she is now COMPLETELY pain-free! We went for a walk today. She’s crying for joy. So am I. Thanks. And please thank the guys at Moxxor for us both.” – Jim (requested name anonymity due to medical practice)

Who may potentially benefit from Moxxor?

• Athletes and active individuals
• Elderly patients currently experiencing inflammation
• Adults wishing to enhance their omega-3 nutrition
• Expectant mothers looking for a mercury-free source of omega-3s
• Individuals wishing to support their heart health
• Anyone suffering from the signs of omega-3 deficiency

Moxxor is an excellent source of high-potency marine omega-3 fatty acids, and it may exhibit beneficial support for neurological health, heart health, healthy moods, skin health and many other areas of human biology.

Could Moxxor work for you?  Try it!  Moxxor comes with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may buy Moxxor online at $60 per bottle or use the preferred customer link and pay $50. 

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Dr. Scott Graham on Greenlip Mussel Oil, Omega 3, Antioxidants, EPA DHA

April 16, 2009

Dr. Scott Graham member of MOXXORs Medical Advisory Board speaks about MOXXORs incredible benefits that sometimes allow people to reduce their use of prescription drugs.

Dr. Tim Healey – on Progress results with Moxxor

April 16, 2009

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Omega-3s Reduce Risk of Recurring Stroke

January 26, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009 by: David Gutierrez


Higher intake of the omega-3 essential fatty acid known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) can decrease a person’s risk of suffering a second stroke, according to a study conducted by researchers from Toyama University Hospital in Japan and published in the journal Stroke.

Researchers studied 18,645 high cholesterol patients and randomly assigned them to receive one of two cholesterol-lowering statin drugs: pravastatin (also known as Pravachol or Selektine) or simvastatin (also known as Zocor). While 9,319 of the patients received only the designated statin, the other 9,326 had their medication supplemented with 1,800 milligrams per day of EPA. Approximately 5 percent of the patients in each group had previously suffered a stroke.

At the end of five years, the researchers found that supplementation with EPA did not appear to have any effect on participants’ risks of suffering a first stroke; 1.3 percent of those in the EPA group suffered a first stroke, compared with 1.5 percent of those in the non-EPA group. This small difference did not achieve statistical significance.

The difference in the rates of second strokes was statistically significant, however, with only 6.8 percent of stroke survivors in the EPA group undergoing a second stroke, compared with a recurrence rate of 10.5 percent in the control group.

The researchers noted that EPA appeared to decrease the risk of a second stroke even though the study was carried out in Japan, where a diet high in oily fish leads most people to have relatively high blood levels of EPA to begin with.

This suggests that “further increases in EPA concentration may lead to prevention of recurrence of stroke,” said researcher Kortaro Tanaka.

The current results are consistent with prior research into the benefits of fish oil that has been conducted in the United States and Europe, Tanaka added, implying that “the beneficial effects of EPA which became clear from our study can be applied to other nationalities.”


Why this newfound omega-3 oil makes fish oils obsolete

Learn the astonishing truth about green-lipped mussel oil in this eye-opening study. Full details revealed.

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Moxxor: Would you like more Health and more Wealth?

January 26, 2009

Psychologist Dr. Tim Healey, infant and child development specialist,  discusses the Health Benefits of Moxxor, especially for children, for enhanced brain function, mental health, and wellness.

Dr. Tim Healey



What exactly is Moxxor? Read the scientific information here.

More scientific information about Moxxor

Moxxor is more of a Wellness company, with a groundbreaking new product than a multi-level marketing company. There is no ¨Rah Rah¨necessary. The product screams QUALITY and HEALTH so the distributors have a very easy sell.

A discussion about the international scope of this start-up, wellness company, and how you can build an international business for long-term residual income.

Moxxor Business Opportunity

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Moxxor – The Time to Join Is Now!

January 3, 2009

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New Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory Superfood = MOXXOR

November 25, 2008


After years of research, MOXXOR has combined the natural resources of New Zealand and formulated a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant complex from greenlip mussels and Sauvignon Blanc grape seed extract.

MOXXOR is the earth’s preeminent source of Omega-3s, which have known anti-inflammatory properties and are up to 480 times more effective than other Omega-3 oils on the market, and grape seed extract which have known antioxidant levels that are up to 3 times more effective than acai and mangosteen, and up to 50 times more effective than goji, as measured on the ORAC scale.

MOXXOR,  is the most powerful concentrate of all-natural omega-3’s and antioxidants on the planet exclusively from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand…

The story behind Moxxor begins in the spectacular Marlborough Sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand where the nutrient-rich Tasman and South Pacific oceans collide.  In this natural pristine environment grow perna canaliculus, the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, source of the world’s most powerful and effective all-natural Omega-3.

For over thirty years, scientists and researchers have known of the anti-inflammatory healing properties of the greenlip mussel grown only in New Zealand. Today, Noel and John Turner are fulfilling their vision of bringing this powerful and effective all-natural Omega-3 to YOU!

Many illnesses can be attributed in part to inflammation. Man-made anti-inflammatory products have proven themselves to be potentially dangerous. Doctors, researchers and scientists around the globe are recognizing and embracing the significance of Omega-3s for heart health, joint strength, brain function development, and overall well-being. Studies have shown that diets high in Omega-3 can safely assist to reduce pain and illnesses associated with heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, depression, dry-eye, psoriasis, and allergies. New Zealand greenlip mussels are shown to have the highest concentration of Omega-3 essential oils on the planet.

Looking to provide a complete world-class wellness product, the preeminent antioxidant has been added. The world’s most powerful antioxidant comes from within the sauvignon blanc grape seed husk found only in the Marlborough region. Researchers have shown that antioxidants effectively combat free-radicals and aging.

So what makes the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand so unique and rare? The hole in the ozone layer above the Marlborough region creates intense UV radiation which causes all organisms living in this environment to evolve.

The co-founders and visionaries of Moxxor, Noel and John Turner have taken the most effective all-natural anti-inflammatory and blended it with the world’s most potent antioxidant to create MOXXOR.

The marine omega-3 oil that’s 123 times more potent than salmon oil
This unique omega-3 oil is helping thousands overcome the symptoms of joint pain and inflammation. Find out how it may work for you.
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New Zealand Produces a new anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood

October 12, 2008

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