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Lindsey Williams on the USA Economy

December 6, 2008

Pastor Lindsey Williams (author of The Energy Non-Crisis) predicted in July of 2008 that the price of crude oil would drop from over $100. dollars  to $50. dollars.  Many laughed, but now the price is at $49.00.

Here is his most recent prediction.


The world as we know it – the Evil Powers

August 26, 2008
The Game begins once the player sees the end of the game is scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the few over the rights of the many. The Game starts when there is a realization that the biggest lie and the biggest theft was the willing enslavement of each individual to a corruption beyond the scope of comprehension, the discovery that the power that is held by the elitist is based on the giving up of each individual’s sacred labors and the fruits thereof.
The simple formula is sovereign ownership of what you are and your divine heritage will initiate the key organizing principles which will bring to light that which is the magic and
the timing of the advent. It is close. If you listen to my words then you will see that you are growing in new ways and seeking to understand on new levels. The challenges to your body, your economic systems, your world of inter-relationships, all these things are a catharsis, a period of purification where you are releasing the repressed feelings, anxieties, fears and depression you have experienced within this dark realm.

The New World Order is Here!

August 21, 2008