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What is a sociopath?

April 23, 2009

From a Sociopath


I am not nervous of being physically injured because I know that no matter how far the other person takes it, I would take it farther, its like a game and I will not let myself lose. At a young age I discovered that being punched or tackled created an immediate adrenaline rush that seemed outweigh the negatives of being hit. Yes, it may sound unusual because I am telling you about myself right now, but but in the real world I only let people see or know the things I want them to know about me. I am in complete control of my actions at all times and can remain in any character according to each scenario. I also dont seem to experience or “feel” the same sense of fear as others do. I dont fear anyone because I believe in the end I will always have the last laugh. Fear does not play a prevalent role in my life however i constantly inflict fear upon others that enables me to control their actions through behaviour analysis and manipulation.

At no point during a relationship can I feel inferior to the other person; I must always be seen as superior not only to them but I must also view myself as having the complete upper hand. When a challenge is made for the upper hand/control of the relationship I cannot back down and I cannot allow myself to show any weakness. To me relationships are a game and its a game I do not lose. 


Sheep in wolf's clothing

The difference between a narcissist and a sociopath


Narcissist wolf says to everyone: “I’m a sheep, I’m a sheep, I’m in the sheep club. The sheep are the best. Those wolves are terrible. You have to be a special sheep to be in the high-wool club like me. If you don’t believe I’m a sheep then you are calling me a liar. I was only eating meat because my boss made me do it. I was howling at the moon because you made me angry. I have always been a sheep. You are paranoid, I don’t have canine teeth. You are imaginging it. I’m a sheep. I won best sheep of the year award. We have to be on the look out for SueTarget. She’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. I am the one that did all the work. SueTarget messed it all up. SueTargets’s fur looks fake. I’m the biggest sheep so I should be the boss. I have every right to punish SueTarget and eat her. It will be good for her, and teach her a lesson. I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for the team. I have to be the enforcer here and eat bad sheeps to help keep society clean. I used to be a vegetarian but because all these lazy sheep won’t do anything, I am forced into keeping order and forced into being the bad guy and have to do all the eating of sheep.”

Sociopath wolf says: “Become the sheep. Believe you are the sheep. Keep the wolf hidden. Don’t act like a narcissist and don’t try to “talk your way”. Become the sheep. Do sheep things. Behave like sheep. No one will see the wolf. Baa baa baa. Eat grass for a while. Give up meat for a while. Tell the sheep things that will make them feel good about themselves. Gain their trust. Be humble. Make them the center of attention. Get them to lower their defenses. Tell them you lost your teeth in a car accident and your parents could only afford wolf-teeth replacements. Keep past a secret so they don’t research. Let them do all the talking. Then when the time is right, devour! It is worth the sacrifice and the wait. Then on a polygraph when they ask if I am a sheep, I will have all the sheep memories because I became a sheep. I have memories of eating grass and living like a sheep. I’m telling the truth.”

Summary Of Sociopaths

1. They make you feel sorry for them.

2. They make you feel worried or afraid.

3. They give you the impression you owe them.

4. They make you feel used.

5. Sometimes you suspect they don’t care about you.

6. They lie to you and deceive you.

7. They take a lot from you and give back very little.

8. They make you feel guilty (and use that to manipulate you).

9. They take advantage of your kindness.

10. They are easily bored and need constant stimulation.

11. They don’t take responsibility but place blame elsewhere.