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Poem – Tree Home

April 7, 2009

By JGrace

will outlive me.
are still the same size, but you
thickened, supple no longer. Our trunks
already home. Thirty years later, We have
and Mom is calling, “time to come in, but I am
I wake to step on clawing fingers of neighborhood boys,
the world, and sleep, for daring seconds, in trust up above.
then with hushed movements, as walkers pass, I sit atop
Potato chips and stolen cookies are a treetop feast,
stealthily down, to settle in strong branches.
fling me to exposed roots, so I slide
and I am a breeze. You threaten to
your branches sway wildly
and higher, till
Climb higher
over a
to your
my trunk
leg up, boost
I jump, swing my