New Things to Try For Sleep

Written by Patrick Timpone
Thursday, 01 January 2009

Here’s a few ideas that have come my way for better sleep.  This has been one of Patrick’s biggest challneges over the years….specifically waking up often after falling to sleep easily.  Does that happen to you?

Truly the causes are different for us all.  Totally different.  Nonetheless here are a few ideas for you to experiment with.  In my case I believe the chief factor is that I am so jazzed about being alive, doing things I love and passionate about everything, (Scorpio and Italian), that I simply have gotten my self fairly wired up, on life, by nightfall I my body just wants to keep going.

So, the more yoga and Spiritual Exercises, (Contemplation and Meditation), etc. I do, the better I sleep.  Makes sense, right?

Having said that, I also sleep better when I do 15 or 20 minutes of rebounding between 5-7 PM, (Kidney Time).  Brisk walking anytime is good for sleep as well, especially when it’s warm and you do it barefooted or with wet leather moccasins as the Indians would do.  The moistness with the leather is a perfect grounding to the Earth.  Good For sleep.

As much sun as we can get during the day is highly beneficial for sleep and neurotransmitters, hormone balancing et al.

Believe or not – coffee in a special way may help many to sleep.  Go figure.

1 tsp. of raw cacao, (chocoalte in its pure form) High quality dark chocolate without sugar works

1tsp. grade B Maple Syrup

mix these two into a paste in the cup and pour a nice hot freshly brewed cup of organic coffee on top of that and sip slowly between 7- 9 AM, (Stomach Time) after breakfast.  This Cobalamine Tonic will balance hormones and reverse many PMS imbalances and Menopause symptoms.  This has worked for many women to retard and reverse menopause to begin their cycle again and become fertile. This helps the blood absorb B-12 and balances out the body in men.  See Chronobiotic Nutrition information from our regular contributor Atom Bergstrom  Atom’s Archives

Also for sleep is a nice concoction given to us by Dr. Lane Seebring, Wimberly, Texas

About half hour before bed:

Calcium  500 mg

Magnesiu  500 mg

GABA   3 caps

5 HTP  300 mg

Melatonin…time release  2-3 mg

Be careful of the kinds of TV/movies you watch before bed..violent/unpleasant stuff is not good at night.

Stop eating at least three hours before sleep.

Get to bed by 10 PM

No electrical stuff in bedroom…digital clocks etc..nothing on

I’ll be adding more things regulary as this is an issue for many of you.  We’re gaining on it however.  Sleep Tight.


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