Great Reasons to Move to Another Country


One has the incredible opportunity of being in a place where one knows very little.. has to figure it all out again, a kind of second chance at the best of childhood, where one must make new connections and understand how to communicate, associate and learn. I daresay it keeps ones brain cells young as most expats Ive met seem much younger than their biological age, brainwise.

One can escape the tedium of hearing and understanding everyone in casual circumstances speaking your tried and true language, so that the voice in ones head becomes much louder and one’s sense of self becomes rather pristine again. A very positive sort of solitary bliss.

The contacts one does make become very special, because your life is almost starting all over again, therefore everything becomes crystalline and very personal. Fabulous friendships are made, both with other expats and with the mysterous locals.

One grows up by going through a loss of ones roots and a remaking new roots. No tried and true to fall back on, so that one becomes in a way ones own roots and very very much stronger for it.

It is possible to let go of ones biases and test out life again with a clean slate.

If one is in a place where no one knew you before, you are starting in a mileau where no one will judge you based on anything you did in your past, and so you have a second chance.

Ones senses get sharpened and younger.

It’s possible to become so enamored with the experience of being in a whole new culture, that when the new culture becomes more and more understood, you might want a third culture and then a fourth and graduate from expat to perpetual exile, in a growing capacity to understand more and more, and to get multiple perspectives on what is “normal” on your own country of origin, and who you are, how acceptable your different sides or qualities are to different cultures, new perspectives politically etc etc etc.

One learns what was really valuable about ones culture of origin, and what was not. Distance and time bring a new appreciation of the best you received.

New sensual delights. New food, new music, new sounds you make, new dances, new air to breathe, a whole new environment to explore.

Best of all, at least for the present, one can do this while having the current luxury of remaining in touch with ones family friends country of origin by phone, skype, photos, blogs, and have the fun of sharing it all.

Most likely much better medical care. Most of the worlds medical care is a lot more informal and responsive. See the Dr. the same day, have more variety of healers to choose from. Cheaper prices. Can you say hospital stay for $200 dollars?

Your own military, tax man, lawyers, and anyone else back home who might want to take something away from you, can’t find you. This is gratifying, and a topic of some hilarity between expats.

Lots of things can be much much cheaper in price to acquire.

Expats are a pretty happy bunch. Their kids dont die slowly in dumbed down schools, their spouses dont come home bored and worn out from the same ol job, married people find a new project to share together, and I’d be willing to bet, it is considered a reward by most, to be able to live a second life.

– JGrace


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