Jessica Schab : A Crystal Child Speaks Out


Project Camelot interviees Jessica

Be sure to watch the end of this video.


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5 Responses to “Jessica Schab : A Crystal Child Speaks Out”

  1. Geralyn La Rocque Says:

    Please tell Jessica thank you from me. She has put perspective on my life when I feel it has ground to a halt again.

  2. Dinu Budileanu Says:

    Hello, my name is Dinu, I am currently residing in Romania, and as I can relate to quite a few of the things Jessica is talking about, please tell me how I can get in touch with Jessica. There are a number of issues I feel she can shed light on. Thank you so much and look forward to talking with her! Sincerely, Dinu.

  3. Mark Quintana Says:

    Well if this gets to you I belive we know each other

  4. BOB BOYLL Says:

    Thank you for standing forth as your true self. You have my prayers,

    Much love in the spirit, Bob

  5. Douglas Says:

    I got chills listening to your story of your curse and then your fathers death. I had the same thing happen to me and have told only 2 people in my life. This happened in July 1974. He had punished me and I was angry at him; I wished he would die, angry tears in my eyes.
    He had just signed a contract with Capital Records and had Sammy Davis Jr., The Carpenters and Pat Boone backing him on his first album that had been cut and awaiting production. There was a congradulatory party held for him by his friends in Ogen, Ut. at a place then called The Hermitage. To make this short,an acquaintance he had known for six months got drunk and showed up at the venue with his bow and arrow, supposedly mistook my father for the intended victim and shot him through the heart. He was D.O.A. at the hospital. Those are just the basics. In retrospect I wonder of the karma of it all as the man who killed him was a Ute Indian. I’m probably the last white man in the U.S.A. to have his father killed by an indian with a bow and arrow.
    You stike me as very sincere and at peace, rare traits these days. I wish you health, wealth and happiness.
    Douglas Dennis Reich

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