Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Grow from the Lesson.


“Accept the message that a person brings you, don’t kill the messenger! This is an opportunity for self improvement, self help and self growth. Hold no grudges. A grudge is poisonous to your health! Everything that happens in your is bringing you a message from the sat-guru within. Life is the messenger and the message is what happens in your life. Don’t kill the messenger or you’re attacking your own self, really. When you want to kill the messenger, realize that person who is harming you or doing you wrong is there because life is sending you a message. It isn’t really personal from that person, even if that person thinks it is. Help your self by taking this opportunity for self improvement and self growth that this is offering you. No grudge is necessary, and it won’t change the message one bit! Forgiveness denotes blaming someone for something, so don’t even blame the messenger. Just let the message teach you.”

“Self improvement doesn’t come by accident. Self improvement comes because you put effort into it. You must desire improvement of the self in order to achieve it. You must desire growth in your self. Self improvement takes discipline, diligence and focus. That doesn’t mean that self improvement will bring you enlightenment, or even peace, but what self improvement does is causes you to take responsibility for what your life circumstances are and change them if you don’t like them. Using the message that the messenger brings you, that person who does you wrong, triggers you into desiring more improvement of the self and working on the growth that is necessary.” –Christine Breese


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