The White Light Group – Movement of Humanitarians


The White Light Group (WLG) is not just a group of individuals’ on the path to enlightenment; we are a partnered structure of creative individuals and professionals of like mind and heart. We are part of the New Millennium Consciousness with its prime directive to serve and protect humanity and mother earth. We are a collective of individuals, companies and organizations, highly skilled in their fields working towards a common goal. We are a cross-cultural group of individuals from around the world that truly believes that change must take place for this world to survive.

Some call us the New Millennium Movement of Humanitarians a vehicle that allows like minds to fully express their talents and by doing so, creates a synergistic effect. Our focus is not only to do which each of us do best in his or her profession, our goal is to work together for the purpose and support of the common good of all. You could view us as a World Empowerment Group concentrating on the transfer of advanced technology and ideas to enrich lives, educating those whom need a better life, provide healthcare to overcome disease, housing the poor, feeding the starving, emergency relief in a time of disaster and to promote economic growth to provide badly need jobs to those that have not.

We are the Change
You Wish to See in the World!


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