Hoarding Underground – What Would You Bury?


Imagine you have a square meter or two of space to bury preps, in your small yard,
what would you bury?

Let’s assume the worst; that you bugged out and in the interval the hordes came and completely trashed your house.

When you returned there was permanent economic collapse.

So what would you be sure to put in the ground, if you had to start all over
again, living from your hidden preps?

Here are some suggestions from various friends.

1.  10 ounces gold in 1/10th ounce coins
2. Three box pack strike anywhere matches
3. Med kit with anti bacterial creams, compression bandages, penicillin, etc
4. Folding knife, razor knife, gutting knife, and a lanskey sharpener
5. sleeping bag with water proof outer shell
6. 5 pair moisture wicking socks
7. Portable water purification system
8. 2 pair leather gloves
9. 4 rolls toilet paper
10. $2500 cash in $5, $10 and $20 bills


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