This Day of Reckoning, by Michael C. Ruppert



— Obama’s Speech on the Economy and Signals of What’s Coming
— Economic Collapse Accelerating
— Leon Panetta as DCI Scares Me to Death
— Is the Economic Collapse a Controlled Global Demolition?
— Mike Ruppert Videos on Sale Again At FTW Site

by Michael C. Ruppert

Jan 9, 2009 – It’s not possible yet for any world leader to tell people that the collapse of industrialized civilization is coming but it appears as though the Obama administration is preparing to say it… at least from what we can see. (It’s going to become obvious soon enough.) What is not known are what secret plans are being made and what contingencies are being prepared for. There are some clues.


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One Response to “This Day of Reckoning, by Michael C. Ruppert”

  1. Paul Baines Says:

    I’ve just seen ‘Collapse’ by Michael C Ruppert and am glad to see at least someone out there is telling it the way it is. Especially the piece about Obama and the world’s ridiculous emotional investment in one man saving the world. I’d actually created an art print predicting the same before the man was even elected – the antithesis of the ‘Hope’ poster. His hands are tied, he will have to go with the corruptive flow, and no government or corporation will proffer an alternative strategy. On another point it’s more than convenient for the aforesaid parties that over 95% of money is digital, just one flick of a switch and it will vanish. Saying that, so will the Internet if the ‘spy bill’ is introduced and the whole web is reduced to pay per site subscriptions. Oh well, no money, energy or information, back to the dark ages we go…

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