The Network Marketing Revolution: Why Emerging Direct Sales Companies are Redefining the Industry


Thursday, October 16, 2008 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor

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¨As you’ll see here, this new wave of network marketing companies shatters the myths commonly associated with old-school direct sales. Even more interestingly, the social implications of these new companies are nothing less than groundbreaking. I’ll explain why as we explore their influence on issues like corporations vs. the People, the decentralization of power, the “anti-Wal-Mart effect,” the future of money and even the mainstream acceptance of natural health products.¨

In a direct sales model, the advertisers, distributors, transportation companies and retailers are all eliminated!

They are replaced with a human network of individuals who serve those same functions: Advertising, distributing, retailing, enrolling, etc. Just like in the above example, retail sales that occur in this network generate commissions for the people who brought you the product. Except that in the case of network marketing, it’s really the People — a network of individuals — rather than a handful of corporations who earn the commissions.

In essence, then: The direct sales model is a more Democratic, decentralized model of product distribution that distributes economic benefits to the People rather than concentrating them in the hands of a few corporations

For many people, the presumed reliability of a steady paycheck from a “solid” institution is suddenly being revealed as illusion. Reliable income, more people are realizing, does not come from a paycheck that can be taken away from you at any time; it comes from owning and controlling your own income, using independent sources. In this way, Direct Sales organizations are vastly superior to almost any job, unless you happen to hold a key position (board member, for example) of the corporation providing your paycheck.

Even then, your paycheck in traditional jobs is almost always limited by unfair considerations: Your race, skin color, speaking style, sexual orientation, marriage status, parental status, education, background, religion, etc. While job discrimination based on these criteria are illegal, anyone reading this who identifies with one of these probably has dozens of stories about how they were discriminated against in a job interview or job termination.

In Direct Sales, nobody can keep you chained to poverty, and nobody can fire you (for any reason!). Your income is entirely up to you, and once you build it, it’s yours to keep, month after month, year after year. You OWN the income stream, and it cannot be suddenly taken away from you.

That’s real financial security. It’s also one of the reasons many people are now joining more than one network marketing company at the same time: They are achieving income diversity by representing TWO companies offering products or services they feel aligned with. By doing so, they are creating double income streams that they own and control.

Furthermore, these income streams will survive any potential future currency switchover. If the U.S. dollar inflates to the point that it is someday abandoned by world banks, commercial transactions will simply continue in whatever new currency is introduced. Consumers still need health products, of course, and a network marketing distribution system will survive a currency collapse that might bring down a bank or even a government.¨
Compared to traditional retail distribution, the Direct Sales model makes everybody a winner: The consumer benefits from access to the unique product line, the distributor earns an income by introducing people to the product, and society benefits as a whole by eliminating the waste overhead of competing retail operations (inventory, advertising, etc.). There are no losers in this equation.¨


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