Longevity Advice from Elder Family Members


Who lived longest in your family or extended family or circle of friends,
and  what did they believe help them live longer than most?

In my family two men lived to be 98/97 years old.

One told me his secret was that he took an enema every day for more than 40 years. He was never critically ill, only a slight case of arthritis and didn’t particularly eat healthily, unless you consider TV dinners sustaining. He did have a great sense of humor and also was a musician, a pianist. Supposedly playing and listening to music adds years too.

The other went against the sheeple back in the 1930’s and decided he wanted to eat “whole foods”. To the ridicule and dismay of his family, he bought his whole grains at the animal feedlot. Yes he lived longer than anyone on his side of the family. He was also a musician.

I know there is a lot of “info” out there about who lives longest, but I’m not sure I believe much of anything except personal accounts, so let’s hear them.

I’m aiming for at least 100.


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One Response to “Longevity Advice from Elder Family Members”

  1. Josh Mitteldorf Says:

    From biology: after you stop smoking, staying skinny is probably the next most important thing you can do for yourself.

    Medical science is going to make a big anti-aging breakthroughs over the next few years. Hang in there!


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