Poem – Jorge


That’s Jorge

is when someone older
can bend their knees easier than you
and washes your floors with love;

is when he then says,
“You always care for me.”
But he brings presents for my parents
without ever having met them.

and he says, “Put a card inside,
in English, and say, ‘From Jorge.
Although I don’t know you,
I know you through your daughter.”

“I hope your father will like the little sculpture,
although they are dead people,
playing piano and the corpse singing.”

And the nativity scene.
“Is your mother Catholic?” he asked.
No, but she thinks of God on Christmas,”
I said, hoping it was true.
“So this nativity scene, she’ll like it.”

And inside was a Joseph and a Mary, and a little baby.
And behind, with the smallest of wings,
in the background.
A little angel.
That’s Jorge.

by JGrace


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