Lindsey Williams on the USA Economy


Pastor Lindsey Williams (author of The Energy Non-Crisis) predicted in July of 2008 that the price of crude oil would drop from over $100. dollars  to $50. dollars.  Many laughed, but now the price is at $49.00.

Here is his most recent prediction.


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2 Responses to “Lindsey Williams on the USA Economy”

  1. Jackson Says:

    Yes Oil has seen an incredible move.
    The saudis are up to their eyeballs in margin and derivitives……..& they can’t grow cows because cows dont eat sand….so sell they must or default on greed…
    Hou looks like a buy under 25 usd…
    & the big kicker is the largest account & surplus China is joining the rate wars to zero….so the swing of the chinese buying us product just got the chinese dropkick….the chinese want their share of the export market & gave the finger to Ben and the boys on the hill…..but did they or is this deflationary race to the bottom the set up for first to the bottom first to the top…when interest rates mean printing can be hidden with quantative easing,the only thing left that sets up the next “supply demand bubble” will be who has the cheapest labour and the least debt and that is not the US of iou’s…….
    the dow is toast…earnings determine stock price…& the credit is tightening like a fishes arsehloe….cars on a road to no where…
    big 3 bail= theft =retooling not jobs just as 700 billion bailout =theft plus compounding interest & “fuck you we are buying more stock”.
    Money hose ben is buying his own treasuries now..that equalseating your own puke=self canalbalism=blackhole=puke…

    when we all reach zero CB interst rates and clap together in one big party….burn your presidents or use for wiping your Arse…..because its the new new deal of roads and bridges to no where….i for one will be enjoying those smooth roads on my harley as i speed by the “patriotic Obamaites (new meninites)….

    perhaps i am wrong all those flash mercedes sitting at long beach that are gathering rust can be given to every American toysRus lunitic for christmas and with gas at a buck and the saudi princes with guns to their heads to keep on pumping ,Americans can drive from big mac to big mac
    on those new roads and sing “this must be the American Dream honey”….fuck those Arabs ..America is spreading freedom by putting those poor bastards out of their misery…if only Obama would bring back slavery we could get those food prices down…..

    on the other hand ,when producers “bailout” failed companies who have no buyers and have no credit to buy steel and iron maybe that could be a problem….

    but the usd is backed by bullets, so this show will go to the highest bidder of private armies…..

    the savers and the workers vs the speculators has come to an end…

    and when the show is over the foundation will be reset with the USA collapsing …i can only see big big trouble…….its time for people to fully awaken, we are going through the biggest geopolitical shift in history and people are still watching Oprah and looking at themselves in the mirror.

    These Freemasons and their “great work” are behind the whole poncy scheme of the privately owned Federal Reserve and bringing in a One World Currency and One world Govt..and it means slavery for us and “paradise ” for these menatally ill narasists….

    We are being driven to the edge and the time has come to look in the mirror ,and ask yourself “what is my life about” “I matter” and “I have had a guts full of all of this bullshit” and all of these parasitical Liars!!!!!

    Stand up ,claim your life ,find your voice and start singing your souls song….The answer to YOUR life lies in ONLY one place……

    and that is WITHIN you……know yourself…google it and go from there …for the first time in your life you will start to flourish and breath and feel truely alive…..make your own path ,be your own leader,be the expression of everything that is great and passionate within you…

    This economic “crisis” is being engineered to take freedom away from YOU!…& it has come about only because YOU have stopped believing in yourself..
    When people let experts govern and run their lives …you started letting someone else run your life…and today YOU dont even have an opinion of your own…you are programmed from TV and the media….& if you dont think you are..sit down and come up with an origional thought!

    the time has come for you to take YOUR life back……

    and tell these freemasons & these oligarchs & these beauracrates to FUCK OFF!….or we will continue on this merry little road that has you mesmerised and blinded…..

    This is about YOU….not these Scumbags in “political power” and they are scared shitless that people will wake up to their scams…its all a choice….freedom or slavery…& it begins with YOU….

  2. flourishgrace Says:

    As the economy worsens and worsens, further and further downwards,
    I hope it is not too late for the populace to grab whatever freedom
    is left and run with it.

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