It is a person who murders other people
One insult at a time.
Who enjoys their God given superiority.

It is a stage mother who pushes her child
Not to enjoy or celebrate their successes,
but to triumph, win and ridicule the dumb ones.

They never feel loved, or love.
A narcissist
Sees only the prey, the strike and the kill.

They see life in black and white.
Their toys are rascist, elitism, misogeny, classism,
they are on Top

And the more starved, disordered or deprived
others are
The more comfortable the Narcissist is.

They do charity to remind themselves
How disadvanged and needy
The regular common people are.

They become teachers, advisors and therapists
Not to help teach or guide,
But so their students and clients will look up to them.

They masquerade as human beings
But they have sold their souls for applause
and become inhuman.

Not aware that others are beings
they may become presidents who commit genocide
on whole populations who are ignorant, powerless, defenseless.

Like any good narcissist who sees how they can profit
From standing on anothers heart of life.
Snuff. Extinguish. Then laugh at them.

The thrill of their secret contrived ascendancy
Is that other people don’t exist for them,
only as audience or victims.

How do you know when you meet one?
They seem bigger than life, so charming, capable, wise
You feel suddenly smaller,

your stories about yourself
seem boring in comparison,
Your achievements and happiness shrink.

They may even tell you you talk too much
After the honeymoon is over,
And you might never feel confident enough to talk freely again.

They have an aura, a presence, a confidence
You meet them and say WOW! Others meet them and say
I’ve never met anyone so (fill in your favorite compliment).

You are sure that you are blessed to share the same blood
With these lucky successful grand personalities
Maybe some of their panache, charisma, glory will rub off on you.

But scratch the surface. Dare to criticise them
and watch the claws, the fangs, the incisors unsheathe,
that clever subtle smirk that masquerades as a smile,

And wait for the payback. They will strike
Unobtrusively, say, when you have finally gotten a raise
And they say you deserve more. They rain on your parade

Raising the bar for you, to unreachable heights.
They may even remind you
That anyone can buy a diploma.

The narcissist will tell you its good to be able to laugh at oneself,
But they never do.
They laugh at other people

They call them, poor souls, poor bastards, losers,
Or if it is you,
they just glance at you with pity.

The narcissist is a world unto themselves, insulated beyond reach.
Their Heart is in a prison they closed, when young,
When someone hurt them,

(we all get hurt)
but instead of them forgiving or forgetting or understanding
that this is just the human dilemma

and accepting that sometimes you just have to lose
at the game of life, lose face or stature
or lose the moment of sweetness they longed for…

They swear to themselves, I WILL NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN
They put their heart in a safe.
A defense system unparalleled by modern weaponry.

No one ever penetrates their shell, ever again.
They might have a loving spouse who stays at home
Takes care of the kids. But their spouse is just a utensil

someone to use up, like any other type of fuel.
And discard if they get too sick, or are dying,
or in California, too old or fat.

The narcissist will take everything they can
from you
And applaud themselves for how well they did, how lucky they are.

They won’t even give you the credit for a lifetime of loyalty,
Or for your enjoying their successes.
You are just another inferior person to strut in front of.

The narcissist does not believe in love,
In sharing, hates to give gifts, hates when you are happy.
It reminds them they are not the only ones who exist.

The narcissist goes through life looking in their mirror.
They are snow white,
and you are their dwarf.



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5 Responses to “What is a NARCISSIST?”

  1. elissestuart Says:

    This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. flourishgrace Says:

    Thank You ElisseStuart.

  3. Amy Says:

    This is truly amazing and so accurate! You have such a gift with words. Thank you, thank you for sharing.

  4. Rude negative people at work Says:

    […] Is this normal in the workplace? Should I just try to ignore it? might want to read this What is a NARCISSIST? Flourishing In Crisis __________________ […]

  5. Rachel Says:

    You have put into words what i could not yet desperately needed to. Thank you. x

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