Narcissists – Identify them… then Flourish Without Them.


Say you are flourishing, starting to see the fruits of your committments…
and of course you run to someone close to you, to celebrate,
but they are too busy, or want to tell you how they did something special…
Their lack of enthusiasm for your successes or even improvements
is a tip-off. They might be too narcissistic to care about you,
they may have narcissistic traits or even full blown NPD.

It might come as a shock, or maybe then you recall
many times before they just weren’t interested…
Here are some questions to ask yourself…

Do they put on a conspicuous display of kindness and goodness?
Do they never do anything for others unless someone is around to admire them?
Are they a control freak, who trample others privacy or boundaries?

Do they secretly or obviously feel superior to other people?
Do they help others, but feel pity towards those they help?
Do they rarely praise anyone else, and have a hard time giving credit to others?

Are they bored when other people talk about themselves?
Do they rarely or never say they are sorry.
Behind other people’s backs do they disparage, gossip or belittle others?

Are they disliked by people close to them for mysterious reasons?
Do they rarely laugh at themselves, but laugh at others?
Are they sure their way is always the best way?

If someone else is in physical or emotional pain
do they seem bored or like they just want to get on
with their own pursuits? No ability to empathize?

Because they will secretly or openly, knock you down
a few notches. Consistently diminish your energy and enthusiasm,
and try to disable your future successes.

Beware. They are all around. Some say that 30-50%
of all Americans are quite Narcissistic.
I think there are many more of them, than is generally recognized.


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