Nearly 50 Percent of U.S. Physicians Plan to Quit


60 percent warn others away from career in medicine.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Conventional medicine is so maddeningly bureaucratic and senseless that an astounding 60 percent of U.S. general practitioners are warning others away from a career in medicine. Nearly half of those

doctors currently in practice plan to quit medicine entirely, leaving the U.S. woefully short on doctors, especially given the strong pro-disease push by the FDA and AMA that has led the nation into a pandemic of degenerative disease.

This is perhaps the first major sign of the coming self-destruction of conventional medicine. Without the doctors, the system collapses. It’s heading that way anyway: Health care costs are poised to bankrupt the nation, and with the FDA and AMA continuing to suppress true information about natural cures that really work, things will only get worse until the whole system collapses in financial and medical ruin.


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