Slavery or Freedom?


Financial dominance is a method of total conquest. Most citizens have not begun to understand the power and the scope of economic conquest in this reality. In this Game, the conquered are slaves to a system designed to demand tribute as stated in the form of taxes, interest and inflation. The tribute is collected through provisional governments who have formed legal systems which legislate and enact laws which demand payment of taxes and allow for the creation of debt against your labor. You have become a slave without knowing it, without the use of visible force or coercion so that you are now a victim and you do not realize that you have been conquered. You believe you are paying for your own good, for the good of others or to protect you from some enemy. Your captors have become your benefactors and protectors. Total control took time as the conspiracy against the entire world demanded double agents working in corporations and government.

The control is surreptitious. Most do not even suspect they are imprisoned and unable to live in sovereignty.


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